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      Of course she thought all these denunciations most unjust and astonishing. Why, she asked, should they call her a savage fury, and abuse her in this way?"You don't expect me to forgive him, do you? You don't expect me to forgive the seducer who has ruined your life and mine?"

      Youve no evidence to prove that the woman came from Dogs Ear, remarked, with a judicial air, the lawyer of the camp. Did you find any papers on her?Esmeralda was getting almost tired of being surprised, and she looked at the appointments of the room, the table, with its snowy damask and glass and silver, amidst which the hot-house flowers seemed to be growing; at the two footmen, who moved to and fro noiselessly, and had handed the dishes as if they were automatons, with a kind of dull wonder.

      Traffords brow contracted, and his teeth clinched tightly.I dont recognize them from your description, and I hope they are no one we know; and I do trust that if they are, they wont know you again.

      "But I thought you adored yachting? It was one of our grand schemes for the future, to hire a modest little yawl and go round the coast to Clovelly. Have you forgotten?""Come in," he said; and a familiar figure in a grey merino gown and smart white cap with pink ribbons entered quietly and came to the sofa where Isola was lying.

      Say no more! he said.

      Barker coughed again.You must be dying for your tea, my dear, she said, taking in all the points of Esmeraldas plain traveling-dress, and yet without even seeming to glance at her.


      I see, said Lady Wyndover. And had you no lady friend?


      The coachman, who had carefully kept his face turned away, and had been busy with his gloves, which seemed peculiarly difficult to get on, gave a warning cough. Esmeralda, blinded by her tears, was lifted on to the seat of honor beside the driver, and the horses, which had been fretting and fuming for the last ten minutes, dashed on their way, and Esmeralda was borne out of Varley Howards sight.


      Vont changer de conduite, amen.