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      He was the master-mind of the Belfayre family, and had always guided its destinies since he was quite a young man; but it was not a very easy task to guide Trafford, and Lord Selvaine did not underestimate the task he had undertaken.[88] He had been very careful not to mention Miss Chetwyndes name that morning, and he looked as placid and serene as if he were quite unconscious of the problem which his companion was turning over and over in his mind.

      Wish her dead! he said, grimly. She has chosen a life worse than death!Constance and her two companions bend wildly from the balustrade, a sight for a painter. Across the way Flora, holding back her grandmother, silently leans out, another picture. In the ranks near Charlie a disarray continues even after Kincaid has got the battered Mandeville again into the saddle, and while Mandeville is rejecting sympathy with a begrimed yet haughty smile.

      I think you are not too young to follow their example, he said, blandly.

      I will not, Lilias, she said. Youyou do not know. I meanshe falteredI would rather not. You shall be the mistress at Belfayre, as you always have been. Do you think I would supplant you and take your place? Why, she forced a laugh, I could not, if I tried. I should not know what to do, what to order. No, you must be the mistress.

      You know! she repeated, fiercely. You are acting! Norman, you are a scoundrel!

      Trafford forced himself to eat and drink, then went back to the bedside.

      The shop-keeper and one of his assistants came out hurriedly to wait upon the great folk. Of course every one in the little place had heard and read of the great Marquis of Trafford, and of his rich and lovely bride, and felt that their presence in the county shed a luster upon it. Some ribbons were brought out and Esmeralda purchased some.How many? he asked at last.


      The duke laughed and shook his white head."Poor Fred!" he pondered as the General and Mandeville entered the carriage and it turned away.


      Varley looked round about him searchingly, then sunk on to the upturned wheelbarrow, sighed, and removing his hat, wiped the perspiration from his brow. He had all the appearance of waiting for some one.