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      "Alas! my mother, you will know it soon enough. It is said you havehavebewitchedor poisonedthe baron's son!"

      "Wretch!" said De Boteler, "Why do you not tell the truth?"Reuben did not answer; she knew by his attitudechin in handthat he was thinking.

      "Thou art set over the people, and to the Lord's anointed I come to seek for justice."

      "And you think that if you learn Latin, it'll help you be a gentleman someday?"


      "Why w?an't you let me kiss you?"


      Holgrave trembled; he cast a longing eager glance towards the door. Margaret was in the pains of labour, brought on by the shock she received on his arrest; and this it was that caused him to hesitate. His face brightened as he beheld the animated ruddy face of a serving boy, who breathlessly approached. He bent forward his head to catch the whispered intelligence that told him he was a father, and then, with a joy which he strove not to conceal, announced his selection in a single word"bondage!""Aren't five boys enough for you?"


      Chapter 9