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      * La Tour, Vie de Laval, Liv. V.

      attention, and he reports that they impair their fertility

      V1 home would guess it to be,nothing but a hurry and confusion of vice and wickedness, with a stygian atmosphere to breathe in." [420] The vice and wickedness of which he complains appear to have consisted in a frequent infraction of the standing order against "Curseing and Swareing," as well as of that which required attendance on daily prayers, and enjoined "the people to appear in a decent manner, clean and shaved," at the two Sunday sermons. [421][20] Procs-verbal du Pre Hyacinthe Perrault, Commissaire Provincial des Rcollets (Archives Nationales); Mmoire touchant le Dmesl entre M. l'vesque de Qubec et le Chevalier de Callires (Ibid.).

      After passing. through various hands, they were finally

      Swift writes on the sixth of October in his Journal to Stella: "The news of Mr. Hill's miscarriage in his expedition came to-day, and I went to visit Mrs. Masham and Mrs. Hill, his two sisters, to condole with them." A week after, he mentions the arrival of the general himself; and again on the sixteenth writes thus: "I was to see Jack Hill this morning, who made that unfortunate expedition; and there is still more misfortune, for that ship which was admiral of his fleet [the "Edgar"] is blown up in the Thames by an accident and carelessness of some rogue, who[Pg 182] was going, as they think, to steal some gunpowder: five hundred men are lost."

      The number of Acadians who had crossed the line and were collected about Beausjour was now large. Their countrymen of Chipody began to find them a burden, and they lived chiefly on 122


      It was the eleventh of October before the miniature navy of Captain Loringthe floating battery, the brig, and the sloop that had been begun three weeks too latewas ready for service. They sailed at once to look for the enemy. The four French vessels made no resistance. One of them succeeded in reaching Isle-aux-Noix; one was run aground; and two were sunk by their crews, who escaped to the shore. Amherst, meanwhile, leaving the provincials to work at the fort, embarked with the regulars in bateaux, and proceeded on his northern way till, on the evening of the twelfth, a head-wind began to blow, and, rising to a storm, drove him for shelter into Ligonier Bay, on the west side of the lake. [750] On the thirteenth, it blew a gale. The lake raged like an angry sea, and the frail bateaux, fit only for smooth water, could not have lived a moment. Through all the next night the gale continued, with floods of driving rain. "I hope it will soon change," wrote Amherst on the fifteenth, "for I 252



      "All I am uneasy about is our provisions," writes John Shirley to his friend Morris; "our men have been upon half allowance of bread these three weeks past, and no rum given to 'em. My father yesterday called all the Indians together and made 'em a speech on the subject of General Johnson's engagement, which he calculated to inspire them with a spirit of revenge." After the 326[706] Journal du Sige de Qubec dpos la Bibliothque de Hartwell, en Angleterre. (Printed at Quebec, 1836.)