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      "My lord," said Calverley; "the evening before you left the castle for London, I went to the maiden's cottage to ask her hand; Holgrave immediately came in, and I then distinctly told him that your lordship had given me the maiden's freedom, and also had consented that I should wed her, and yet, you see what regard he has paid to your will!"

      "Why, do you not know that that is Jack Straw, the Essex captain?"

      "I used to be in the fancy," said the minister, "but five years ago the Lord challenged me, and knocked me out in the first round."

      Reuben stood motionless at the graveside, erect, like a soldier at attention. People in the crowd, who wearied of the dead man's virtues, whispered about the eldest son.

      "Nor do I."


      "It would be better if I wasn't seen with you.""Well, you shan't have it. I'll justabout sell the whole lot. You can't prevent me."



      "Hollo!" cried the galleyman, as, at this moment, a party of men approached"with whom hold ye, mates?""He's bin reading some poetry of yours, Bertie," continued his sister, "and he's justabout dreadful, all his cl?athes tore about, and a nasty mess of blood and yaller stuff on his face."