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      "Cut us!" echoed Belinda; "the Angler's Nest cutting Glenaveril is rather too absurd an idea."

      "Don't talk about trying to shut it off, man," said Mr. Crowther, arrogantly. "If I choose to lock the gates to-morrow, I shall do it, and ask nobody's leave. The wood is my wood, and there's no clause in my title-deeds as to any right of way through it; and I don't see why I am to have my hazel bushes pulled about, and my chestnut trees damaged by a pack of idle boys, under the pretence of church-going. There's the Queen's highway for 'em, dn 'em!" cried Mr. Crowther, growing more insolent, as he gulped his fifth glass of Sandemann. "If that ain't good[Pg 141] enough, let 'em go to the Ranters' Chapel at the other end of the village."

      She looked at him breathless with horror; whether at the accusation implied in his words, or at his withering manner, it would have been difficult for the looker-on to decide. His manner was terrible enough to have scared any woman, as he stood before her, waiting for her answer.


      What fever-fraught vision was it that those hands tried to shut out from her burning eyes? So little had happenedso littleonly half an hour's quiet walk along the towpath, where the leafless willows had a grim, uncanny look, like those trees whose old grey branches seemed the arms of the Erlking's daughters, beckoning the child as he nestled in his father's arms, riding through the night. So littleso littleand yet it meant the lifting of a veilthe passage from happy innocence to the full consciousness of an unholy love. It meant what one kiss on trembling lips meant for Paolo and Francesca. It meant the plunge into a gulf of dark despairunless she had strength to draw back, seeing the abyss at her feet, warned of her danger.


      [29]"Tell me about your dream," she said, after a pause, with her forehead still resting on his hands, and her face hidden. "Was it something very awful?"


      I dont understand it all, said Esmeralda. I shouldnt like to live in a place that I might be turned out of any moment.